Why you’re not getting those all important job offers…

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Why you’re not getting those all important job offers…

There are several reasons why job offers aren’t getting put your way, whether that’s pre or post interview. Here is why it might be:

  1. You don’t fit the mould

Companies can be ‘clicky’ and although it is not stated, there is usually an unwritten, unspoken specification to be hired by particular companies. Employers look for a strong team fit who will reflect and embrace the ethos of their business. Although you might think that you can, they may not, but our advice is not to take it personally.

2. Your CV didn’t fit the job role

Employers usually want to hire somebody who has pretty much done the same job before. Tailor your CV to the specific job description, do not lie but ensure it is relevant to the application. Also, it is vital for your CV to be well presented and easy to read as it will be their first impression. Need help?

A cover letter is also an excellent tool to impress your future employer; outline your desire to work for the company, show your personality and touch up on the most suitable experiences you have had which are relevant to the position.

3. Unprepared and unmotivated

It is vital to show your enthusiasm for the company that you wish to work for – this can be reflected in your interview. Show that you are prepared by asking questions, showing your knowledge of your future employer and don’t talk too much about the company that you currently work for as they may think that you don’t really want to leave. Employers may be suspicious that you are looking for a new job simply for a pay rise or ease of lifestyle etc. Being excited and motivated will ensure that the above doesn’t even cross your interviewers mind.

4. Pipped at the post

In the present day, their will always be somebody who has more experience and qualifications than you. This may be the simple reason for not getting your desired job. You have a bachelors, they have an honors. You have worked in a similar role, they have worked in a similar role in the same industry. Unfortunately, that’s life!

The vacancy may also have been filled internally or the company may restructure so that the job is no longer available.

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