Growing your online presence

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Growing your online presence

Our blog is part of our venture to expand our social networks and online presence – a necessity in the present day and age.

Recruitment is a fast-pace industry with an abundance of competition, keeping up to date with the latest digital media is a way of getting ahead, this may include; Social media, a fully functioning website, email marketing and well… blogging!

Here are the reasons why the above are vital in recruitment and marketing your business:

1. Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on… Social media is an informal way of communication. It is a means of your followers/clients/candidates contacting you without any obligation, having that specific online presence allows people to know you are active and available and it gives your business the opportunity to share relevant content with an informal outlook but remaining professional.

For Recruiters LinkedIn is vital. See following Blog for more information.

2. A fully functioning website

Your website is your most important tool. It completely reflects your company. Keeping up to speed in this area shows you are on the ball and a respectable company to work with. This is where your clients and prospects will gain there first impression, hence why it is so important.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a reinforcement of your services. By emailing decent content and design to new prospects will allow you to be the first port of call when they require you. It is a subliminal form of recognition. Whether your emails are opened or not it is a definite must.

4.  Blogging

Blogging is a large part of creating a successful online presence as you can share the rich media across all of the above and really spread the word of your expertise and that you are more than just a website or one man band. It will gain the interest of a much wider audience and they will therefore remember your name.