Using social media to expand your Recruitment

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Using social media to expand your Recruitment

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Social media plays a large part in the branding, marketing and overall online presence of a business. For recruiters it is a way of advertising jobs (for free!), finding business development opportunities and a means of contact to both candidates and clients, therefore it is vital in the present day.


Facebook is the best way of communicating with candidates, a free way of advertising jobs and is, in our opinion, essential. Candidates can use Facebook messenger as a means of contact, if the account is manned, it will show your customer service skills and attentiveness towards the job seekers and the people who earn your company money!

It is also a great avenue to generate traffic to your website, share blog posts or other content/media and allows anyone who comes across the page to get a feel for your business and how you portray yourself as an agency.


Linkedin is notorious for recruiters, whether you have a specialist paid for account or a basic account. Mainly used for networking, poaching candidates and advertising. Linkedin can be your tool to broadening your recruiter network. By joining groups, instigating conversations, liking and sharing your circle will naturally grow and your business will immediately get more attention.

Do you have a Linkedin account but are not quite sure how to use it? We can help


We find that Twitter is more of a business networking tool over a way of communicating with candidates. Obviously, it is useful for sharing media/content with your followers and having conversations about hot topics via hashtags but their are more avenues to explore when using Twitter to develop your company. For example, initiatives such as #YorkshireHour that prompt business people to converse and generate leads and referrals.

Why not create your own… Rotherwood have #RRhour where we share tips, advice and news on recruitment and similar topics. The key is to remain active on all Social Media platforms as it will ensure you get noticed by potential clients and job seekers.


Instagram is probably more useful for businesses that sell a product rather than a service but any online presence is good! Rotherwood are new to Instagram as it seems to be the newest trend when it comes to Social Media marketing and we like to stay ahead of the game, which is a great reason for YOU to join.

Instagram prompts you to ‘Inspire People Visually With Your Business’ Story’ which is great to see and other people will enjoy seeing your businesses in images rather than boring status’ or tweets.


A lot of people use Pinterest for ideas and advice and it is therefore a great platform to share your knowledge and raise awareness about your agency. The more platforms that are being used to share your content, the better received it will be.