Thinking of using an agency for hiring? Here are the pros

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Thinking of using an agency for hiring? Here are the pros

Rotherwood have been around since 1976 and therefore know a thing or two about working closely with both employers and job seekers. There are usually certain misconceptions associated with Recruitment Agencies so we thought we would take the time to clear some of them up using our knowledge, experience and expertise.

For businesses considering using an agency:

  • Save time

We understand that running a business is time consuming enough without the burden of the hiring process. Sifting through hundreds of CV’s for just one job post can be both unnecessary and all in all, a waste of time – it is therefore understandable that the decision makers do not have time to carry out recruitment. An agency will filter the candidates, have access to the best talent, create shortlists and essentially cater to your needs thus making you happy and your staff force suitable.

  • Save money

Although businesses sometimes think agencies charge extortionate rates, in the long run using one will be more cost effective as your HR department will not have to carry out the above tasks, forcing you to employ your own internal recruitment team or extra help on the HR team. Rotherwood are PAYE, meaning we cover tax, national insurance and holiday pay included in the charge rate, again saving you time and money and reducing our profit.

  • Advertising

Agencies pay to use job boards and means of advertising posts, so you don’t have to. Advertising on your own website is all well and good but will the best candidates find these posts? Probably not. A job seeker in the present day and age will be registered with agencies, job boards e.g Reed and CV Library and will use these channels to find their new job, as do recruiters when they are resourcing. It makes absolute sense to hand over the recruitment to the professionals who have the time, skills and resources.

  • Not just CV’s 

There is more to recruitment and hiring than just sifting through CV’s. It is absolutely necessary to reference check, screen, ensure candidates have the right to work and interview before even considering a person for a role. Agencies will do this for you. As a recruiter, getting to know your candidates and clients to the best of your ability is vital to avoid hiccups in the future, therefore this is a guarantee.


If you are happy to do your own recruitment but require assistance with the reference checks etc please contact Rotherwood Solutions.