Thinking of starting a new job in 2016 (New Year) – 3 reasons why you should.

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Thinking of starting a new job in 2016 (New Year) – 3 reasons why you should.

You know the cliche – new year, new start, new you… why not turn that dream into reality? Rotherwood Recruitment encourage the bettering of people, we do not believe that anybody should be sold short and here is why changing jobs may be beneficial to you this new year.

  1. Getting a variety of experience

Working in several different roles and environments over your career will enable you to learn a lot of skills and develop further in your career. Employers see experience as a vital factor in recruiting, therefore, the more experience, the more impressed they will be. This aside, it is proven that it takes 3 – 6 months to get full knowledge of a job role so ensure that you have fully maximised your experience within that particular company before moving on. Before considering a move think about room for promotion at your current firm as that will also be seen as a different kind of experience, even if it is within the same company.

Temporary assignments are an excellent outlet if you are initially looking to get into work as your experience will build up dramatically.

2. New responsibilities and challenges

Dependent on what kind of person you are, this can be seen as both a pro and con. Studies show that more successful people embrace change and if you wish to be successful we advise that this is what you should do. A new job will bring you out of your comfort zone which will expand your knowledge, adaptability and diversity. It is also proven that new challenges and projects can make a person feel excited and energized, resulting in a happier outlook. Ensure that you remember it is okay to be overwhelmed and homesick for a while or wonder if you have made the right choice.

3. Salary and benefits 

Changing jobs enables you to move up in salary more quickly as there may not be room for promotions and pay rises in your current occupation. Internal pay rises are growing more few and far between in the current economy and bigger companies can offer better benefit packages and refreshing your bank balance and overall benefits can seem appealing if all it takes is to change jobs, but make sure this is not transparent on your CV.

Thinking of changing roles? See what Rotherwood can offer.