The importance of marketing in any business – The three C’s

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The importance of marketing in any business – The three C’s

In our opinion, Marketing is about presence. It is not an immediate sale, but it is important. Without marketing, your potential customers may never be aware of your business offerings and your business may not be given the opportunity to progress and succeed. Using marketing to promote your product, service and company provides your business with a chance of being discovered by prospective customers.

Here is why we believe Marketing is such a necessity.


From Branding to Public Relations to Social Media – your Marketing is your character, It is how you wish to portray yourself as a company and without it your company hasn’t got a character or, to say the least – nobody knows about it.

It is necessary to keep your branding aesthetic, professional and consistent and this is the base of your Marketing – what people will know and remember. Once you have this it is time to develop your Marketing and your personality as a company through the other factors.

Be seen to be kind, generous and innovative whether that’s PR through charity work, case studies of impressive stories, Social Media competitions or sharing fun events in the office. This will not only get your character recognised but people will begin to remember you, your Social Media presence should grow and the inquiries will begin to flow – although it will be a slow process.

Lack of Marketing means lack of character.


After character comes the communication. Marketing is a means of communication. If done right your character will welcome new business and trigger potential customers to communicate with you after you have communicated the correct message.

Ensure you have calls to action everywhere. On your website, your email marketing, social media, advertisements, even on your PR if you can (there is a fine line between sales and PR). These calls to action will prompt your new business to communicate. It is in your face yet subtle because of your ‘kind, generous and innovative’ character as discussed before.

Lack of Marketing means lack of communication.

3.Competition (Ensure it’s healthy!)

You need to let your competition know that you are there, you are active and you know what you are doing. Keeping up with Market trends and being on the ball with digital marketing will give you the advantage over your competitors who are behind the times.

Dependent on your product or service – in some cases it can be healthy to keep pricing competitive for a business to try to win over consumers before its competition does. On the other hand – you may not have to share your pricing, more communication is achieved and your presence is once again grown.

Lack of Marketing means lack of competition (for your competitors!)