The benefits of using apprentices to enhance your business

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The benefits of using apprentices to enhance your business

It’s National Apprenticeship Week next month and we thought we would share the benefits of using apprentices to enhance your business.

Rotherwood currently have 11 apprentices, covering recruitment practice, marketing, sales, business/admin and management and leadership and here’s why;

1.Company Character

77% believe apprentices make a company more competitive and 81% of consumers favor using a company which takes on apprentices.

By employing apprentices, you are contributing to the growing economy and the decrease of the ever growing skills shortage in teenagers and young adults in the UK. This will seem admirable to competitors, clients and consumers.

2.  Productivity and motivation

76% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive and 92% of employers believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Usually, if an employee feels that a company are investing in their future they will want to give back to that company with hard work, productivity and motivation.

3. Future investment

80% Companies who invest in apprentices have reported a significant increase in employee retention, 83% of employers who employ apprentices rely on their Apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future and 57% report a high proportion of their apprentices going on to management positions within the company. Hiring an apprentice allows you to mold an employee to the way you like to work and you will therefore benefit from their initial inexperience, apprentices will be loyal and reliable to your company. If not, you can feel good about giving a young person the skills to excel in their career.

4. Economy and funding

One in five employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the tough economic climate and usually employers who take on a 16-18 year old apprentice only pay their salary. The Government will fund their training. Different providers and qualifications will offer various funding options.

Although the national minimum wage offers a guideline to what needs to be paid to an apprentice. This is not mandatory. An employer can pay whatever they believe in beneficial to them.

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