Telephone Interview Tips

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Telephone Interview Tips

Telephone interviews are becoming more and more common, they are a tool for the recruiter or employer to assess whether you are a serious applicant and decide whether or not to take you further through the application process. To candidates, a telephone interview can be even more daunting than a face-to-face interview so we thought we’d share a few tips to keep you calm, collected and prepared for your telephone interview.

Tip 1

Always research the company, role and how to handle a telephone interview! Although the interviewer may not necessarily ask questions about what you know about the company, it will be beneficial to know these things, to slip into the interview/general conversation and really impress the employer.

Tip 2

In most cases the interviewer will ask about how your previous experience is relevant to the role you are being interviewed for, therefore having your CV and the job description to hand will be a massive help. Refer back to the two documents during the telephone interview.

Tip 3

As well as preparing in terms of researching the company and job description. Be sure to have some questions ready to ask your interviewer/employer. During your interview, jot down any unsure points that may occur and ask them at the end of the interview. This will impress the employer and clear any doubts in your mind about the position.

Tip 4

Ensure you are somewhere quiet, without any interruptions or distractions. During the interview, any distractions may cause you to loose a trail of thought and completely throw you off the whole interview. This will also be picked up by the interviewer and they may think that you are not taking it seriously.

Tip 5

Listen to every question carefully. Usually, telephone interviews involve long winded competence based questions, therefore it is vital to listen and answer as appropriately and relevant as possible.

Tip 6

Be enthusiastic and SMILE. When speaking to someone on the telephone, you can gather their mood, therefore it is vital to be upbeat, happy and excited about the interview, even if you are nervous.

Tip 7

Finally, treat it like a regular interview. Be professional, enthusiastic and try your hardest to impress them!