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June Newsletter

Keighley Business Awards – Apprentice of the Year!

Congratulations to our Marketing Coordinator, Chloe Gunning on winning the Apprentice of the Year at the  Keighley Business Awards 2016!

Chloe Gunning receives the award for apprentice or trainee of the year from Harry Gration and sponsor Airedale Springs

Also, a special recognition to Byworth Boilers, the winner of the award sponsored by Rotherwood – Engineering/Manufacturing Business of the Year.

Representatives from Acorn Stairlifts receive their special recognition for manufacturing/engineering business of the year from Harry Gration and sponsor Rotherwood

Jo offers her ‘Words for Work’


Managing Director, Jo visited Hanson Academy this month to offer her expertise in a new scheme launched by the National Literacy Trust.

Words for Work aims to help young people find employment. It is a school-based intervention offered to students before they start on the journey of exams, interviews and job-seeking. Words for Work improves students’ literacy skills, helps them to develop crucial employability techniques and teaches them confidence in their own abilities, the workshop discussed the pitfalls and myths regarding interviews and how best to present themselves and converse to prospective employers.

We aim to help some of the students when they leave school and assure them that Rotherwood Recruitment will be around to assist them into finding the career ideal for them. Agencies play a large part for job seekers in the present day, therefore we want students not be wary of them.

Burnley donates computers

Our Burnley branch donated eight computers to Scope charity earlier this month.

We would also like to show our support to Avril (the lady in purple), who works at Scope, she is swimming the equivalent of the channel in lengths to raise money for the equals opportunity charity. What an inspiration!

Computer scope

More money raised for Manorlands

In celebration of 40 years in business, Rotherwood hosted an anniversary gala dinner whereby past and present clients were invited to join the Company in an evening of fund raising and festivities.
In a bid to raise cash, Rotherwood hosted a raffle with prizes donated by clients and asked guests to donate a minimum of five pounds.
Rotherwood also sold vodka shots from the bespoke ice luge for one pound each. A total of £647.10 was raised for Sue Ryder Manorlands hospice.


New members of the Chamber!

We are now members of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (Bradford), the Chamber has over 90,000 members across Britain and   support companies by hosting a range of networking events, connecting business through offers and referrals and offering guidance and advice in all sectors, including legal, accounts and  other services. Watch out for Rotherwood on the Chamber website or Business Plus Magazine!


The AWWesome Business Club

Rotherwood recently  became members of The Awwesome Business Club. An event is scheduled in the next few months to be hosted at the Rotherwood offices.


BREXIT: How will it affect young  people finding work?

If Brexit does prompt a recession, it is young people who are most likely to suffer. Research shows that graduates who enter the jobs market during a recession earn less than those who do so in a buoyant economy, and that the differential persists for years.

However, if UK companies were unable to freely hire EU graduates as a result of Brexit, 25% of employers said they would be likely to increase recruitment of British graduates.

Brexit: How will it affect recruitment?

There are 2.2 million British nationals living across the EU, but surprisingly that number is comparable to the recent estimate of 2.7m EU nationals living in the UK.

Both groups are equally concerned about the impact of the Brexit, and while there is absolutely no clarity about the ramifications of the exit, it is clear that freedom of  movement was key.

Job security is vital for individuals and families, and even an unsubstantiated threat to that job security could cause human capital issues in the UK and abroad. No one knows what the impact of the Brexit is, but you can be sure that it will mean significant opportunities and challenges for the recruitment industry.

Brexit: The REC

Responding to the announcement that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, Recruitment & Employment Confederation Chief Executive, Kevin Green says:

“The vote to leave the EU is likely to usher in a challenging period for British business and for the UK labor market in particular. Our data has shown a slowdown in hiring as we approached the Referendum. We expect to see this period of uncertainty continue.

“Nothing will change overnight. There will be a prolonged period of renegotiation and readjustment. During this time government needs to do everything possible to help businesses to grow and create jobs. That involves outlining a timetable of renegotiation to help organisations make informed strategic decisions. We call on policy-makers to set out the plan for implementing changes to employment regulations such as the Agency Workers Directive and the Working Time Directive.

“We need to ensure that British businesses continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available. Access to  talent is absolutely vital to sustainable economic growth and prosperity. In sectors such as healthcare, education, hospitality, construction and manufacturing, workers from the EU are vital and any change to our immigration system needs to recognise that.

“We hope that the Referendum result leads to a  step-change in the way we prepare current and future job seekers in the UK, so that new entrants to the jobs market are better equipped with the skills and attitude that employers need. Employers, educators and government must seize the initiative and create a pipeline of talent so that individuals and businesses continue to thrive in the post-EU era. Over the coming weeks we will be consulting our members so that the recruitment industry is ready to play its part.”