How to write a cool, compact and informative CV

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How to write a cool, compact and informative CV

CV’s or curriculum vitae’s can be found in hundreds of different layouts, formats and fonts – working in Recruitment can uncover the worst of the worst.

The most damaging fault that can be seen in a CV is when the biographer hasn’t even spell checked! We frequently receive CV’s with words such as, unimployed, wrk, enthusiatic… It really is simple to spell check or just ask a friend to proof read and it will multiply your chances of getting a job.

The second most disadvantageous CV mishap is the oldest trick in the book – the dodgy email address – for example, or to name a couple. Again, it really is simple to knock up a new email account for work purposes. Show some sophistication and professionalism.

It is key to get straight to the point when writing your CV. Employers and recruiters look straight at your work history therefore try to showcase your skills, focus around previous work history, abilities and avoid talking about how you like bird watching and partying at the weekend – your new employer won’t be interested. If you have little work experience focus on your education and training, make it sound as appealing as possible.

Also, ensure that all gaps in your work history are accounted for whether it’s travelling, looking after family or actively seeking employment.

You do not have to include your age, marital status or nationality – An employer can make a decision without knowing this information – it avoids any prejudgment and discrimination which unfortunately is inevitable. All that is actually needed is a short, snappy opening profile (avoiding commonly seen words such as, reliable, hardworking and enthusiastic) previous employers, dates, job titles, duties and skills. Always include whether you hold a driving licence or not.

Finally, it is important to start with your most recent role and go backwards. If the first job on the CV is 1986 it can be confusing to the employer.

To conclude, a CV must be cool, compact and informative. Including these key aspects:

  • A short snappy profile
  • A professional email address
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Mainly focused around work history and duties carried out
  • Whether you hold a licence or not
  • Avoid generic words, gaps in the work history and any unnecessary information about yourself

If you are really out  to impress include references and a cover letter!