How to get motivated on a Monday – the dysfunctional way!

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How to get motivated on a Monday – the dysfunctional way!

Monday –  the day of the week after Sunday and before Tuesday, usually the cause of the ‘Monday Blues’ – The low-spirited, annoyed, sad, unlucky mood of those workers, students, or employees who feel that a mundane, difficult, unexpected Weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them. Also may be responsible for the Mondayphobics and ihatemondayitus.

You either hate your job (which is a whole other issue that may need addressing so I’d stop reading and start job searching now) or you could be like me and love your job but just simply struggle with life on a Monday… So how do we deal with these emotions? How do we become motivated and on task for the upcoming week?

A lot of blog posts in relation to this subject will tell you to write a list of the things you have to do and start with the hardest task first. I totally disagree! By all means, write a list but I’d suggest highlighting the easiest, most exciting tasks and filling your Monday with these, you are then at least doing some work and the rest will come easier than you think.

Listen to your favorite song on the way to work – preferably not James Blunt… something up beat and happy, make sure it lifts your spirit.

I always get the urge to wear my comfy trousers and big cardigan on a Monday but it is vital to do the opposite in an effort to feel good. Dress up.

What is the one thing that makes everyone happy? That’s right… FOOD. Speaking from experience, all diets should start on Tuesdays. Order in the butties, bring some cake, stock up on the snacks. All though this may seem dysfunctional, it works.

When planning ahead, ensure that you have something fun to do on a Monday night. Go out with friends or record and save a movie you really want to see for Monday – the thought of something exciting to fill your evening will make your Monday go even quicker.

Finally, a good atmosphere will encourage a good day. So, smile and be polite to colleagues, remain organised – plan your Monday on Friday if needs be. Have positive thoughts. Think of a success you had at work in the previous week and think about how you are going to top it this week. A positive mental attitude is key!