Getting noticed on LinkedIn

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Getting noticed on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

In a nutshell; LinkedIn is the battle front for recruiters and recruitment.

It is available in 24 languages, with an approximate number of 332 million users – that’s 2 new members every second. LinkedIn has an approximate net worth of 1.5 billion.

So that gives you an idea of the size of the battle front, but how do we monitor and use it to our advantage as job seekers?

Figures show that Recruiters spend 6 seconds per LinkedIn profile, totaling 19% of viewing time on your appearance. So… choose your picture wisely – avoid a party snap of you downing champagne or chilling out at a festival, choose something professional, friendly and approachable for a better chance of being recruited.

It is also important to ensure that your profile is complete. An unfinished profile will reflect somebody who is unorganized and careless, it really doesn’t take long and the finished profile will make you feel great. Over-invest in your headline and summary for a more approachable feel use first person and don’t sell your self short… the more eccentric the better. Encourage as many endorsements as possible, endorsing others usually does the trick! (An endorsement is a recognition of your skills). Also, the more connections you have, the more recognized you will become although to remain professional avoid phantom connecting – sending a connection request seemingly out of nowhere.

Having a complete profile works alongside using it… Join groups, have conversations and like and share! Again, this gets you noticed and who knows, you may enjoy doing it! You can even manage your own groups…

LinkedIn is the most dominant Social recruiting network and is most definitely worth using, follow the tips above to guarantee results.