Changing jobs – how to handle a new environment

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Changing jobs – how to handle a new environment

We all know that when you start a new job it can leave you feeling like the new kid at school. You are left wondering if you have made the correct decision, if your new colleagues are going to like you, are you going to know what you are doing, will you live up to the person who you may be replacing?

Take a step back. Have a look around and remember that you are new and everyone has been in your shoes.

Here are a few tips to settling in to your new role:

1. Review your job description and know the company

Our first and most important piece of advice would be to print a copy of your job description and keep it close to hand, refer back to it when you are unsure of where you stand or what you are doing. If you have taken the time to revise your new company and it’s culture it will be easier to settle in as you will be more aware of what to expect – it may also save any embarrassment if you are asked certain questions.

2. Build respect

Even if you know you are and will be an excellent employee, for the first few weeks ensure that you don’t rub people up the wrong way. The best way to ease yourself in and create good relationships is to see your new environment as a networking event. Introduce yourself professionally and politely asking questions such as ‘Tell me about what you do’, once you have began a professional relationship – there is room to show your personality. This will also allow you to get a real feel for how your new employer operates.

3. Request reviews and keep everyone in the loop

The worst thing about a having new job is the not knowing if you are actually doing the job correctly. Request a performance review with your manager to reflect on the work that you have been doing. It will make you feel more comfortable about your job role and it will also show your commitment to the company.

4. Keep your head down

All offices have their own politics – although it is a good idea to find a mentor who can help you throughout your new job – don’t latch on to a specific group within your first few weeks as you will be drawn in to certain situations that are not good when you are the newbie! Stay involved in your work, by all means make friends but stay focused on what you are there to do.

5. The basics

Finally, the obvious rules of starting a new job – Don’t be late, dress appropriately, take notes, listen to your surroundings and ask for help if you need it!