Advantages of working in a call/contact centre

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Advantages of working in a call/contact centre

With Christmas coming up, it is the busiest time of year for call/contact centres whether they offer catalogues or payday loans. For Recruitment this is great news and our database of customer friendly workers is building up. But when new candidates come on board their is usually an apprehensive atmosphere around the word ‘Call centre’ so we thought we’d clear up some of the myths and outline the advantages of working in a busy call centre environment.

A few tips…

If you were to get offered a job in a call centre or contact centre, we urge you to not dismiss it completely as it may be a fantastic opportunity. Also remember to ask if it is inbound or outbound as there is a huge difference! And please remember… not all call centre roles are telesales!

Some advantages…

1.No experience needed

Although more experience is preferred in any job, a call centre is your best shot at getting on to a career ladder or changing careers and the experience will come in abundance once you’ve landed yourself that first position!

2.Good income and benefits by the dozen!

Call centre agents are the highest paid staff when it comes to entry or junior level jobs. Not to mention the commission that can be earned and the usually outstanding benefits package.

3.Opportunities and horizons

Training, promotions and working your way up are all benefit of this career choice. It is proven that call and contact centres offer the best motivation and support that any other job role. You could be one step closer to that dream job!

4.Flexibility and low work volume

Being a call centre agent is one of the only roles in which everything can be forgotten about when you have shut that computer down. You don’t have to spend your free time thinking about work. The hours are usually flexible too.

5.Prestige environment and great people

Every office has their politics but working in a call centre usually sees a very positive attitude to work with. People will have come from all sorts of backgrounds, your horizons will be broadened and you will be sure to make some friends. Because of the nature of the sector, the working environment will usually clean, modern and have the best technology.

6.Confidence and customer service

You will gains skills such as customer service, admin, data input and certain laws and legislation that will prepare you for any other commercial job that might pop up.

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