8 up and coming careers to look out for in 2016

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8 up and coming careers to look out for in 2016

Are you a school leaver wondering what to do next? A graduate, wondering what to do with your degree? Looking for a career change but aren’t sure what’s available?

We have collated a few job roles/career paths that are going to be in high demand throughout the coming year. From personal trainers to therapists, we might have the perfect option for you…

  1. Application developers & Web designers

Average Salary – £42,000

It’s the 21st century. Most businesses have entered an era where every enquiry and method of communication is executed online. Digital marketing is at a high and business is now generally conducted over the internet, therefore the need for a top of the range website and personalised apps are sky high.

2. Personal financial advisor

Average Salary – £67,000

With record numbers of up and coming entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers generally concerned about making their money stretch and investing in the right place, comes a growing need for personal financial advisors.

3. Athletic/personal trainers

Average Salary – £27,000

We all aspire to look our best, as well as being fit and healthy, and with the January blues hitting hard – a personal trainer or gym membership seems like the perfect idea, although statistics show that personal fitness is now a key factor in consumers lives throughout the year.

4. Environmental engineers

Average salary – £35,000

Key factors such as global warming, a growing population and pollution need researching, controlling and investigating. We are currently experience serious changes in the world that we live in and being an environmentalist seems to be the road to go down if you are looking for a life long career.

5. Database administrators 

Average salary – £21,000

What does every sales and marketing department require? That’s right, a quality database. More and more companies are employing individuals to solely pay attention to their database – to keep it clean, up to date and ensure business can be conducted with ease.

6. Marriage & family therapists

Average salary – £35,000

Divorces are expensive. Child psychologists are expensive. Why not save a penny or two by trying to fix the problem before it breaks? Increasing numbers of people are seeking alternative advice to help with their life at home, proving becoming a therapist is a solid life choice.

7. Industrial engineers

Average salary – £33,000

With an increasing number of construction sites, property development and manufacturing companies and a decreasing number of skilled engineers. Industrial engineers are becoming more and more valuable. Therefore, studying hard and getting those all important apprenticeships is most definitely beneficial in the present economy.

8. Registered nurses and home carers

Average salary – £28,000

Unfortunately, people are always going to get old and sick, therefore, nurses and carers are always going to be necessary. Are you looking for a life long career? Here you go…